Mezzanine Floor - Used Mezzanine Floors - 266 sq ft - 24.75 sq Mtr- Mezzanine Flooring

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Used mezzanine floor 266sq ft (24.75 sq mtr)
Overall size 5.5mtr x 4.5mtr complete with galvanised z purlins
Please note: No Stairs or handrail are included with the floor and it has been adapted to the above size with this list of components:
Consisting of: 4 no box section posts 80 x 80mm c/w 300 x 300mm base plates x 3280mm long, 2 no cross beams 254 x 102mm x 5500mm long, 10 no galvanised z purlins x 4400mm long purlins at circa 600mm centres complete with 38mm T&G chipboard, nuts and bolts included
First three pictures show the mezzanine floor in position before it was disassembled

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4.5 Mtrs
5.5 Mtrs
266 sq ft - 24.75 sq mtr
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