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Nationwide Delivery
We operate a weekly multi-drop delivery service which visits different locations throughout the week


How much does it cost? These are the methods of delivery we offer.
These prices are for each delivery rather than each item
e.g. delivery of 20 roof sheets is the same as delivery of 2 roof sheets.

Local Northwest Central Rest of UK
free.png (16,124 bytes) Free Delivery
We offer free delivery on various items
£0 £0 £0 £0

courier.png (30,660 bytes)
For items that can be carried in a box - such as small fittings, clothing, lights etc.
£20 + VAT £20 + VAT £20 + VAT £20 + VAT
pallet.png (28,874 bytes) Pallet
For items that fit on a pallet - such as bolt down posts, steel cover plate, small equipment etc.
£50 + VAT £50 + VAT £50 + VAT Click For Quote
wagon.png (26,658 bytes) Wagon
For items that need a wagon - bigger than a pallet and less that a whole wagon - this covers most of our items
This service uses large articulated lorries and may not be suitable for cul-de-sacs or narrow roads.
For bulky or heavy items you will need to provide unloading facilities.
£40 + VAT £65 + VAT £100 + VAT Click For Quote
poa.png (28,926 bytes) Price On

For big or awkward stuff - get in touch and we'll work out a quote
Click For Quote Click For Quote Click For Quote Click For Quote

Delivery Quotation
Tell us the item you want delivered

Show us where to deliver the item

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